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Terms of Service

Folding Shirts

Despite our careful handling as we process your order, occasionally some items may be deemed lost or damaged.
These terms and conditions will serve as our agreement to ensure that issues or problems along the way would be addressed in a standard and reasonable way.

When customers place an order with us or would avail our laundry services, they agree on the following terms of service and conditions.

1. Laundry Special Request

If your laundry requires special care, we do require that you indicate a note and attach to your laundry bag. If you have a specific garment that needs special care (hang dry, delicate wash, etc.), please bag this item separately. Please be specific. For instance, it is not enough to say “please hang dry my white trouser”, because it can be difficult to determine what you’re referring to. Put this separately on a bag, and then please put the note within that bag.

2. Lost or Damaged Laundry

We are not responsible for the normal and inevitable shrinking, fading or wear and tear during the dry cleaning or wash and fold process.
If your garment was damaged while it’s being washed from our facility and we have identified that we are at fault; the reimbursement for the garment will be the market value of the garment, considering the depreciation brought about by age and use and should not exceed the order amount paid for by the customer for the specified order.
In the event that a garment was claimed to be lost, we will honor the claim procedure, if you have provided us a list of inventory along with your order. This will be our basis to identify which laundry sets have we laundered and which we have not. If you have provided an inventory list along with pickup, and we did not return the garment to you, then we will reimburse you according to the above guidelines. (i.e. similar to the reimbursement process for damaged claim)

While we diligently make every effort to check your pockets thoroughly, we will not be responsible for any damages that will occur caused by the contents that are inside the pockets of your garments. So, please check your pockets before you place in the laundry bag.
Also, even though we return all valuables like cash, credit cards and the like to customers as we find these in their pockets, we are not responsible in any way for items that you claim to be included in your garments that we have not found ourselves.

3. Refund Policy

Service cannot be taken back. There will be NO REFUND after providing services. HOWEVER, we will reprocess any unworn, unused item returned to us in our original packaging if you were not satisfied with the quality of our work.

4. Allergies

We are not responsible for any medical reaction that might be caused by our services (i.e. euphoria, light headedness, rashes, and other allergic reactions). If you experience an allergy, please notify so that the next time we can adjust our detergent and softener amounts appropriately, or use a hypo-allergenic detergent for a small additional cost.

5. Stains

When stain removal was explicitly noted along with your order, we would check that the cloth type is capable of bleaching. If it is, we would apply bleach as appropriately. However, we cannot guarantee that all stains will be entirely removed in all cases.

6. Bayside Station Laundromat reserves the right to refuse laundry service to any customer due to conflict.

7. Bayside Station Laundromat reserves the right to refuse to process or wash and fold any garment.

These terms of service and conditions are subject to change at any time, and it is the responsibility of the valued customer to check back for changes.
If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us in person through phone.

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